How to Clean Bearpaw Boots

Bearpaw shoes are a very casual and popular shoe. This shoe has become popular with people who want a comfortable yet stylish shoe for the fall and winter seasons. Bearpaw shoes are brilliant but can get dirty and stained like other types of shoes.

And if you want to keep your barepaw shoes clean and in excellent condition, regular shoe cleaning is vital.

There are many steps to clean barepaw boots, and in this article, we will tell you how to clean boots effortlessly and suggest how to keep shoes from getting dirty. I am sure you will like this step.

First Step: Prepare Your Boots

The first thing you have to do before cleaning the shoes is to remove the laces and insoles. Cleaning the shoes will be easier if you remove the laces and insoles. Removing laces and insoles can avoid damage.

The laces have to be removed before cleaning any shoe. Now once the laces and insole are removed, you can start the process of cleaning the shoe.

Second Step: Clean the Exterior of the Boots

The only part of the shoe that is more dirty is the outer part. Now you have to clean the outer part, but to clean the outer part. You must take a soft brush. And also, take a soft cloth, now dissolve some soap in water.

If you have debris in your shoe, clean it with a soft brush, dissolve the soft cloth with soap, wipe the shoe, and soak the fabric with water to prevent the soap from freezing.

You have to do this process 2/3 times until the debris comes out from the outer part of the shoe.

Sometimes shoes get stubborn stains and take time to come off. You can use suede cleaner to get rid of stubborn stains. But first, make sure it won’t hurt the shoes.

Third Step: Clean the Interior of the Boots

It is as essential to clean only the outer part of the shoe as it is necessary to clean the shoe’s inner part. If your feet are wet with sweat, clean the inside of the shoe with a soft cotton cloth and disinfectant solution, and dry for some time after cleaning.

Fourth Step: Reapply the Stain Protector

If you have cleaned your shoes thoroughly, you should apply the stain protector again. Because if you use a stain protector, it helps in protecting the shoes from getting dirty in the future.

To reapply the stain protector, you can use a suede protector spray or a waterproofing spray. Be sure to follow the instructions on the product label.

How to keep Bearpaw boots from getting dirty? Here are the tips

You clean your shoes regularly, but if you pay attention to some things before the shoes get dirty, then your shoes can be saved from getting dirty. We have given some tips below.

  • If the shoes may get dirty where you are going, you can put a cover on the boots.
  • When the shoes come off, wipe the shoes with a soft cloth.
  • Always keep the shoe in a clean and dry place
  • cover the top with a shoe cover before placing
  • Do not keep shoes where there is a lot of dust

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If you follow all the tips mentioned above, you can keep your Bearpaw boots safe for many years.


If you keep your shoes clean, you can keep your shoes safe for many years to come, and in this article, we have given you tips on how to clean your shoes. If you follow all the suggestions, your shoe will remain excellent for years. We are sure that you have found this article helpful.


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