How To Find Samsung Tv Remote

Our Samsung TV remote gets lost, which is a very frustrating time. But you do not need to worry because today we will tell you how to find a Samsung tv remote in this article.

And there are a few things you can do to find the remote. We have given below the methods.

You Can Use The SmartThings Find App.

If your TV is a Smart TV and your TV is connected to the SmartThings app. So you can quickly locate your remote. You can use the SmartThings Find feature to find out.

But the first thing you have to do to do that is open the SmartThings app and click the “Devices” tab.

After that, tap on the “+” button. And now select “Find my remote,” this app will start scanning your remote properly and show you the map.

Use The Remote Finder App.

Everyone has smart mobile, and you can easily find your remote from intelligent mobile. It would help if you had an Android and iOS phone to locate the remote, and remote finder apps are available.

Here are some popular remote finder apps

  • Find My Remote
  • iRemocon
  • Remote Finder

This app emits a signal and can detect the remote using the phone’s microphone. Once your remote catches a sign, then the remote starts making noises. And you can easily find the remote.

Check The Obvious Places.

First, you have to find the remote well in your room, like it can be on the sofa cushion, under the table, or the bed, or hidden inside the clothes.

And also, check once in the kitchen. You might need to remember in the bathroom. Check it all thoroughly.

Turn On Your TV Without A Remote.

The TV remote is often unavailable, but you do not need to worry because you can quickly turn on the TV without the remote. It would help to use the TV’s built-in controls to turn it on without the remote.

And it usually resides on the bottom or side of the TV. And to turn on the TV, you need to press a combination of buttons. And this way you can turn on the TV without a remote.

Replace Your Remote.

If you cannot find the remote even after several attempts, you may need to replace your remote. You can buy new remotes from Samsung’s website or another third-party retailer. Online remote will be easily found.

Additional Tips for Finding a Samsung TV Remote

  • If there are children in the house, then the children can hide the remote and ask the child; otherwise, you can check the child’s bedroom. Sometimes kids play with the remote and take the remote to their room.
  • If you have pets, check under sofas and chairs, as pets are notorious for hiding remotes. Many times the dogs of the house leave the remote outside the house.
  • If the furniture is in the hall of your house, check the back or side of the table. If you move the table, the remote may come out.
  • Suppose you still need help finding your remote, contact Samsung Customer Support. They can help you locate your remote or order a replacement.

Other Things That Will Save You From Losing Your Samsung TV Remote In The Future.

  • Always keep the remote in its designated place. As in front of or next to the TV, or can be held on the table.
  • You can write your name on the remote. If lost, it will be easy to identify by name.
  • If there is a pet in the house, do not give the remote to it.


Losing a Samsung TV remote is a very frustrating experience, but we have given you several tips to find the remote in this blog. If you follow the information, then you might get the remote. And you can watch your favorite show, and I hope this article was helpful.


How to find a lost smart TV remote?

If you can’t find your remote, then check once in secret places, like under the sofa or cushions; you can also search in the furniture. There may be some hidden items there. Remove the blanket or clothing and try

Is there an app to find the remote?

Chipolo Spot Finder is an app that works with the Apple Find My app. With the help of this app, you can easily locate your remote.

Do TV remotes have trackers?

There are some smart TVs that come with trackers on their remotes, such as Sony and HiSense models, and some streaming stick remotes that include Alexa Voice Remote Pro for Roku and Fire TV.


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