How To Remove Adt Panel From Wall

In some cases, the ADT alarm system is not used. And you want to take this system out of the wall of your house. And exiting this system is a straightforward process. And the work takes little time, and you can quickly get it done in some time. Let us know how to remove Adt Panel.

Steps on how to remove an ADT panel from the wall:

  • First, take out the power cord and ethernet cable at the back of the system
  • then take the panel off the screw
  • The screw is hidden behind the panel.
  • Now slowly separate the panel from the wall or lift it upwards
  • And separate the wire attached to the back of the panel.
  • Now you can quickly move the panel out
  • You can recycle the panel and tray after the removal

Additional Tips For Removing An ADT Panel

  • Sometimes it can be challenging to remove the screw. In this case, you can use a screwdriver with a magnetic tip.
  • And if you’re having trouble removing the wire, you can use a pair of wire strippers.
  • And also, remember that when removing the wires, ensure there is no damage to the wire.
  • After removing the panel, seal the hole in the wall with caulk

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Removing the ADT panel is a simple task. You can easily remove it. Just some process has to be followed correctly. You can do this work in just a few minutes. We have given some critical steps in this article. By following the steps, you can safely remove the alarm system.


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