How To Remove Hair From Dogs Ears Painlessly

If you have a dog in your house, then it is your responsibility to take care of the dog. And if the dog has hair in the ears, removing the hair can be a delicate task, but if you can remove the hair in a painless and safe way, then it can be worth it.

Hair can trap dirt, debris, and moisture in a dog’s ears. And this can lead to dog ear infections. And cleaning and inspecting a dog’s ear hair can also be difficult.

You can remove hair from a dog’s ears in two ways. To break and cut. The easiest way to remove dog ear hair is by plucking.

But if this work is not done properly, then it can be painful. If you use trimming, the pain can be reduced. But trimming can’t remove all the hair.


Take a hemostat or a pair of tweezers and use your fingers to remove the hair from the dog’s ears. But this work may be difficult for you. And it may take some time.

Now begin by gently pulling back the ear flap to expose the ear canal. Don’t pull too hard, as your dog could get hurt.

Now use hemostats or tweezers to grab a small section of hair at the base of the ear canal. Now, after this, gently twist the dog’s hair and pull it; do not pull it too hard, because it can also hurt your dog.

This process has to be done until all the hair is removed from the ear canal. And when the plucking is finished, gently massage the dog’s ears to calm him down.

Tips for painless plucking

  • Keep the dog’s ears clean and dry before plucking.
  • Touch lightly, and do not pull too much.
  • If the dog is in pain, give it some rest for a while.
  • After all this work is done, you can give a gift to your dog.


To cut a dog’s hair, you must have small, sharp scissors. Electric clippers can also be used. But be careful when the dog bites your skin.
Now start by gently pulling back the flap. Do not pull the ears too hard, as this may cause injury to the dog.

Use scissors or clippers to cut the hair at the edge of the ear. And be careful when biting the dog’s ear.

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You may also want to trim the hair inside the dog’s ears, but you need to be careful not to go too deep. If you can’t trim your dog’s hair, you can call a professional groomer to do the job.

Tips for painless trimming

  • First of all, the dog’s ears should be clean and dry.
  • Be gentle and avoid touching the dog’s skin.
  • If the dog is in pain, leave it for a while and rest.
  • Give your dog a treat after trimming.

Does it hurt to pull hair out of dog’s ears?

Removing hair from a dog’s ears is painful for the dog. Because many dogs will fight and shake while cutting their hair, and at this time the hair gets pulled, which causes pain to the dog. And at this time, touch the dog lightly and cut the hair slowly; do not pull the ears too much.

How often should I remove hair from my dog’s ears?

How often you can remove hair from your dog’s ears depends on the dog’s breed and how much hair they have in their ears. There are some breeds that have more hair on the ears,

such as the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. And regular removal of hair from the ears of these dog breeds is necessary. And there are some breeds that have less hair in the ears, such as Beagles and Labrador Retrievers, and you can occasionally remove hair from the ears of these dogs.


If you have a dog at home, then removing hair from the dog’s ears is essential to taking care of them. Ear cleaning can help prevent ear infections, make ears easier to clean and inspect, and improve the dog’s hearing. There are two main methods of removing hair from dogs’ ears: plucking and trimming. We are confident that you have found this article helpful.


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