How To Remove Pex Clamps

Welcome to this blog. We cover the use of PEX clamps for fitting and securing PEX tubing. And it is also crucial for security. These are a popular choice for plumbing. Pex Clamps are easy to put on and easy to remove.

But sometimes, we must remove a PEX clamp without damaging the tubing. And you can do this easily.

Most people do not know how to remove a pex clamp, but in today’s blog, we will tell you how to remove a PEX clamp. And we’ll also give you some tips on how not to damage the tubing and fittings during removal.

Required Equipment And Materials

Wire cutters
PEX clamp removal tool (optional)
Safety glasses
Flathead screwdriver


Turn off the water supply

Shut off the water supply before removing the PEX clamp. This is vital. The closure can prevent water from leaking out and causing damage.

Locate the PEX clamp

PEX tubing has a PEX clamp at the end and is attached to a fitting.

Choose a removal method

You can now remove the PEX clamp. But there are several methods for removing a PEX clamp. A PEX clamp removal tool, wire cutter, flathead screwdriver, or pliers can be removed using all these tools.

Using a PEX Clamp Removal Tool

A PEX clamp removal tool is best if you want to remove a PEX clamp without damaging the tubing or fitting. This tool can remove PEX clamps without causing damage.

And that’s a pretty cool way. This is what this tool was designed for. This tool removes PEX clamps with great ease.

Using wire cutters

You can use wire cutters to remove the PEX clamp because some people don’t have a PEX clamp removal tool. But to remove PEX clamps with wire cutters, you will have to work hard because removing clamps with wire cutters is challenging.

And wire cutters can impact tubing or fittings. Care must be taken to remove a PEX clamp with this method.

To cut the clamp with wire cutters, the clamp is to be cut with the cutter. be careful not to cut the tubing or fitting.

Using a flathead screwdriver

A flathead screwdriver can also be used to remove the PEX clamp. But it is challenging to remove PEX clamps from this use.

This method can be complicated even with a PEX clamp removal tool or wire cutters. But you can do this.

To remove it, you must take a screwdriver and insert it into the space between the clamp and the tubing. Now slowly turn the screwdriver.

Now after doing this, when the clamp is removed from the tubing, you can take the clamp out.

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Using pliers

The clamp can also be removed using pliers. But it isn’t easy. And in this way, the tubing or fitting may be affected.

To use this, you must hold the clamp with pliers and rotate the pliers. Now the clamp will open so you can remove the tubing. But you have to do this very carefully.

Understand these tips to prevent damage.

To avoid cutting tubing or fittings, you must be extremely careful when using wire cutters or a flathead screwdriver.

If using pliers, hold the clamp as close to the tubing as possible to avoid damage.
And also, protect yourself from injury and pay full attention to safety, such as wearing safety glasses and gloves. Understand these tips to prevent damage.


PEX clamps can be tricky to remove, but using a few tools, you can remove the clamp, but be careful not to damage the tubing and fitting. You can safely and efficiently remove a PEX clamp by following all the steps in this article. We are sure that you will find this information helpful.


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