How To Wash Ororo Heated Jacket

The Ororo Heated Jacket is incredible. This jacket is used to stay warm in winter. If you wear this jacket in winter, you will feel warm and not feel cold, but washing this jacket can be difficult. In this article, we detail how to wash your Ororo heated jacket without damaging it.

Easy Way How to Wash an Ororo Heated Jacket- Step By Step

Remove The Battery

The battery is installed inside the Ororo Heated Jacket, and removing the battery from the jacket is very important before washing. Because if you wash the battery without removing it, it may get damaged. Because the battery is not water resistant. To remove the battery, open the pocket and disconnect the connector cable. And this process is easy. Anyone can.

Place The Jacket In A Mesh Laundry Bag

Next, place the jacket in a mesh laundry bag, this helps protect the jacket from the agitator. You can put the jacket inside a pillow if you don’t have a mesh laundry bag. And this work can be easy for you.

Wash the jacket on a cold, gentle cycle.

Mild detergent is to be used to wash the jacket. And it’s essential to wash the jacket on a cold, gentle cycle. And never use bleach or fabric softener to wash the jacket. Otherwise, the jacket may get damaged.

Line dry the jacket

Never tumble-dry a jacket. Lay the jacket flat to dry. By doing this, your jacket can dry properly.

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Additional tips for washing your Ororo heated jacket

  • Sometimes the jacket gets heavily soiled, which can be treated with a stain remover before washing. Anyone can do this
  • And before washing, make sure that the jacket zipper is closed or not.
  • And never use chemicals to wash the jacket. Otherwise, the jacket may get damaged.

If you follow all these steps correctly, you can keep your jacket looking and performing like new.

Additional Points to Keep in Mind When Washing the Ororo Heated Jacket

  • The jacket is not waterproof. That’s why don’t immerse the jacket in water. otherwise, it could be not good
  • If the jacket gets wet, dry it as soon as possible.
  • Never use harsh detergents or bleach to wash the jacket. Otherwise, the jacket may get damaged quickly.
  • Never use a dryer

If you follow all these steps, you can increase your jacket’s life. And last your jacket for many years


In today’s article, we have learned about How To Wash Ororo Heated Jacket in great detail. Ororo Heated Jacket is a winter jacket. And it is also quite popular because this jacket warms in winter. You may need help washing this jacket, but we have given complete information about it in this article. We have full confidence that you have found this article helpful.


How often should I wash the Ororo Heated Jacket?

How often do you wear your Ororo heated jacket, and how dirty does your jacket get? It depends on this. If you use the jacket daily, it should be washed once every 10 days. If you don’t wear the jacket every day, you can wash it once a month.

Can I dry clean my Ororo heated jacket?

Never use dry clean; otherwise, your jacket may get damaged. Dry cleaners can damage your jacket’s heating elements. If the jacket’s heating elements succeed, your jacket is practical.

How long will the Ororo Heated Jacket last?

If you take good care of your jacket, then the life of your jacket increases. You can wear your jacket for many years. But the jacket has to be taken care of well. Never use chemicals to wash the jacket.


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