The Ororo Heated Jacket is incredible. This jacket is used to stay warm in winter. 

all image credit: unsplash

 If you wear this jacket in winter, you will feel warm and not feel cold,

 but washing this jacket can be difficult. In this article,

we detail how to wash your Ororo heated jacket without damaging it.

Remove The Battery :  The battery is installed inside the Ororo Heated Jacket, and removing the battery from the jacket is very important before washing. 

Place The Jacket In A Mesh Laundry Bag :  place the jacket in a mesh laundry bag, this helps protect the jacket from the agitator. 

Wash the jacket on a cold, gentle cycle.: Mild detergent is to be used to wash the jacket. And it’s essential to wash the jacket on a cold, gentle cycle.

Line dry the jaket : Never tumble-dry a jacket. Lay the jacket flat to dry. By doing this, your jacket can dry properly.

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